Working at CHDR,
investing in your future.

The Centre for Human Drug Research provides excellent working conditions in a challenging and diverse environment.

Below, you will find our list of current openings. We also welcome open applications, and interested applicants are encouraged to contact us with a CV and motivation letter. You can do this by choosing one of the buttons on the right.

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Our Job openings

Investing in your future

Just as important, you will be associated with an organization that is changing the way drugs are developed, profiled and marketed. Our staff is comprised of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures who bring together different life and work experiences. Yet they all share a common mission: to maximize the benefits of medicines to improve the lives of patients.


Delivering an innovative and high quality scientific output is part of the job at CHDR. Training and educational opportunities are provided by CHDR that are instrumental in advancing both science and your career. Scientists and physicians already have or are expected to receive formal certification in Clinical Pharmacology and/or write a PhD thesis.